Welcome to the Institute of Transportation Design

The Institute of Transportation Design (ITD) is concerned with the future of mobility. In June 2007, it emerged from the department of “Transportation Design & Social Sciences” established in 2002 at Braunschweig University of Art.  Our approach to teaching and research extends far beyond issues pertaining to the design of means of transportation only to also involve the design of mobility services as well as research on new mobility systems.

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Transformation Design

Transformation design is looking for new ways to change our behavior and society through new forms of innovation, and it has already leaded to a fruitful discourse. The book attempts to form an...
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Suggestions for a post-fossil mobility - scenarios between science and fiction

Our contribution to the FUTUR ZWEI Zukunftsalmanach. The 21th Century requires visions of environment-friendly lifestyles. The development of a sustainable society is driven by successful...
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Two-wheeled culture

The bike is one of the most independent vehicles from education or culture. At the same time it is one of the most popular vehicles. It is on it's way to become the basis for new types of mobility...
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