The Institute of Transportation Design

The Institute of Transportation Design (ITD) is concerned with the future of mobility. In June 2007, it emerged from the department of “Transportation Design & Social Sciences” established in 2002 at Braunschweig University of Art. Our approach to teaching and research extends far beyond issues related to the design of means of transportation only to also involve both the design of mobility services and research on new mobility systems.

The academic staff is committed to developing innovative conceptual solutions for the design of vehicles and engines and to investigating the conditions for their individual and social acceptance. The aim is thus to encourage and facilitate the transition to a post-fossil mobility culture. This goal provides the motivation for creating designs based on visionary ideas and scientific knowledge that not only have great practical significance but can also be incorporated into the development of commercial products. The ITD’s interdisciplinary makeup makes this possible; apart from design studies, research, training, and project work draw on knowledge from the fields of transportation science and engineering, economics and futurology, as well as sociology and psychology. The ITD seeks to establish broader cooperation and more extensive networks with businesses and other scientific institutions. In addition to its contacts to other universities and colleges, ITD has therefore focused on the transfer of research to practice by businesses in the region, in other parts of the country, and abroad. In numerous externally funded research projects, the ITD has realized concrete designs together with partners from the mobility industry – also involving student research projects – aimed at providing a fresh impetus to pave the way toward a new era of mobility.