Suggestions for a post-fossil mobility-scenario between science and fiction

Our contribution to the FUTUR ZWEI Zukunftsalmanach.

The 21th century requires visions of environment-friendly lifestyles. The development of a sustainable society is driven by successful projects of today: Responsible entrepreneurship, creative principals or citizens using their scope to develop new economic strategies. The FUTURZWEI Zukunftsalmanach tells their stories, providing role models for sustainable economics and living and shows that alternatives to the current culture of growth and waste can be fun. In addition to these projects and initiatives the Zukunftsalmanach focuses a future issue of social impact. The first edition picks out mobility as a central theme. This part was written by team members of the ITD.
Our mobile life in the mid-21st century is sketched in unexpected scenarios: High-speed night trains cross Europe, cargo rafts transport our goods independently via inland waterways, business trips with sail-powered cruise ships and open source communities that tinker with their own e-vehicles.

Scenario techniques are a familiar method at the ITD. The science fiction based approach the authors took for their creative work is new, though. Based on existing technologies and transport concepts ideas of tomorrow are translated into the future lives of people, being confronted with their needs, desires and dreams. The intention of these utopian ideas? To stimulate discussions beyond the means of today and to start the creative redesign of our mobility.

The FUTURZWEI Zukunftsalmanach is available here (German only).